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Shock boots or No Shock boots??

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I live in Jersey (as is the name didnt tell you that) and want to know if the shock boots are really worth putting on? I remember a lot of people discussing this question - Do they help keep dirt it/or out? My shocks are often under water or mud and I need to get some new shocks. Should I even worry about boots?

Whats your opinion?

Brian "A4x4jeeper"
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My opinion is,you cant seal them or they will burst on compression,sooooo,they have to have holes to breath,which also during extension, sucks
water and mud into them,and i cant see it all coming back out on the compression stroke,hence,a buildup of crap inside.I took the
one off my steering stabilizer and found it half full of dried gunk and a pitted shaft as well.Some even cut the tin can covers off of
factory type shocks.Anyone else?

I like the looks of having shock boots on. I just make a point of pushing them up and hosing them out when I wash after a day in the mud. I suppose a Jeep used for trails only (no road use) wouldn't need them. Comes down to personal preference and use.

Keep on Jeepin'
I am from N.J. also and from my own experience running shock boots around here is not a good thing for the shocks. Not only do you have to clean them out after you go wheeling but with all the salt they put down in the winter they cause the shocks to rot out faster.

mudman, where at in Jersey?

I am going to go with out them this time. See what happens lol.

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In truth one would probably be better off with the stock style shock. I like the look of the boots
or run with out boots.
When I was running motor bikes the open front forks{shocks} where prone to rock dings which
would make them leak. BUT THE WORST was bugs the things would hit the fork tube
and dry out and the next time you hit a hard bump and run the tubes deeper in the forks
the dryed bugs worked like broken glass dust and would CUT the seals out./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif
I would think the rock dings and sand blasting would hurt you the worst./wwwthreads_images/icons/frown.gif
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the boots do keep flying objects from damaging the shaft. i just get out the cutters and add extra drains to them.

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why is there no mazda thread?
I feel left out.:p
Try zip tying the boot nice and tight at the top and cutting the bottom of the boot completely off so it dangles kind of. Lets junk flow on out while protecting the shaft from rock pits, etc.

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