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What is the easiest way to send a complete rear end via ground service? Do you have to box it up, strap it to a pallett etc.....any good companies in the north east. Thanks

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Get your phone book out and start calling trucking companies. Not just the biggies - everyone.
I shipped a small Jeep travel trailer from Houston to Oregon. I got prices from high $300 to mid $2,000's. Trailer weighed about 600 lbs. May have been a little more. Don't remember for sure.
But what I did learn, and I was an over the road owner operator with my own tractor and trailer for 13 years, is that the cost is VASTLY different to ship something.
Here's what you do:
1) Figure out about what it weighs.
2) Call the companies and tell them what it is, what it weighs and get some bids. A lot of companies will give you a flat price. Tell them it will be on a pallet. When you get involved with a particular company you can probably even get some consessions, like having their warehouse man put a few steel bands from the axle to the pallet because you don't have a banding machine. They will probably do it for nothing. It isn't a big deal if you have the equipment.
3) Get a pallet and take both pallet and axle to the trucking company. You can probably get a pallet for nothing too. Might even get it from the trucking company.

Your contribution to the whole deal is first pay the freight, second get it all put together and to the trucking company so they can band it and ship it. If you have to have residential pick up or delivery, may cost a lot more.

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