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Shipping companies suck!

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Ive been trying to sell a few items latley and then ship them. The small stuff has been no problem, but the big stuff has been a royal pain. I ve shipped two axle housings so far and they told me that it would be 26.00 per housing but next time box it. So I went back three weeks later and the same ladie looked me sraight in the face and said it was going to be 42.00 to ship the same item in a box. I was so pissed. She would not give it to me for the origanl price.
. On top of that yesterday after dropping an engine off to have it freighted they called while it was half way their and said it was going to be an extra 79.00. Luckily I argued my way out of it. Oh and Don you were right
. I guess I just needed to vent. I think shipping companies might be worse than Bill Gates.
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I just got screwed by UPS. I got a quote on an item that I sold on ebay. It was a trailer hitch for a dodge van. they quoted $17.20. So I got the 17.20 from the guy and shipped it out. Got the invoice today and it was for 36.50. Called them and they said because I entered the sizes differently from the 1st time ie: L X W X H, instead of W X L X H it was calculated differently, and became oversize. Nothing I can do about it.
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