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I have been working on my Ford Ranger Lariat. I am having trouble finding the things I want to upgrade this truck. I was hoping maybe someone might have some info. I have a lot of mods I am making to the truck but one of the things that I want most is a very nice shifter. It is an automatic and I hate it on the column I want to relocate to the floor which is no biggy and easily done. But the Ranger has that real ugly nasty looking four wheel drive stick. What I want is ONE shifter that perhaps has two shifter units on it. One for the automatic shifting portion and one for the 4 wheel drive shifting system. I was thinking I saw one at one time and it had the 4 wheel drive shifter on the left and kinda bent over away from the center auto shifter. But I have been out of things for a while. I gotta believe that I am not the only one on the planet to want something like that. Even if there was something out there perhaps there is some real nice 4 wheel drive shifter that I can replace this ugly one with? I have not seen any at all anywhere but I am having a hard time finding some things on the net. Any ideas?
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