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Has anyone actually used extended shackles? I have read about the caster angle and wandering, but does anyone have a real experiance with them? I am thinking about putting them on my Jeep but would like to hear some stories first to help me decide. Thanks.

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Yes, I had shackles on my 85 CJ7 and the ride was unsafe. When I bought the Jeep it had 4 inch ConFerr shackles (I guess it gave it 2 inches of lift) and 33s. Obviously they tires rubbed against the fenders. I checked everything on the front end to determine why it was wandering all over the place till finally someone on this board suggested I replace the shackles for stock ones. I replaced the shackles and it got rid of my wandering. I guess I could have tried installing degree shims to correct the angle of ther axle but I really didn't have time to do that. I currently have a 1" body lift and am planning on a 4" lift. If I were to go back to shackles I would stay with the Con Ferr and get the degree shims, although some people say that the shims can break off...what a pain that would be to install new ones...

I hope this helps you...

Good luck

John C.

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Shackles are the poor mans lift. I too had 'em....after spending many many hours to try cheap ways of getting a lift, trying to fix driveline vibration problems...etc, I realized its better to do it once and do it right. He is my take on it.

Decide first if you want a Spring Over Axle (SOA) or new springs. The SOA will give you more lift (4-6") but creates other problems...longer break lines, axle wrap, re-welding of spring perches, etc. Spring lift is cheaper and quicker but usually rides a little to a lot harsher than stock springs. Buying the right springs makes all the difference. You need to base your decision on off road needs, daily driver, available funds, mechanical abilities...etc.

Which ever direction you go, go ahead and spend the bucks for the CV drive shaft...its worth it. Also be prepared to spend the money for new gears if you increase the size of you thing you will learn that is for a good off road vehicle, there are not many short cuts.

Good Luck

John......southern CA
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Well, that depends on how 'extended' they are. Shackles 101 tells us that for each inch you gain in shackle length, you will gain approx. 1/2" in lift. With you Wrangler, 1" longer shackles (1/2" of lift)will give you a little edge in tire clearance and height without a real noticable difference in ride and handling. That's what I have on my rig now, along with a 1" Daystar boby lift. Between the two, I easily clear my BFG 31x10.50's, even with the tires stuffed all the way into the fenders. I am planning a 2 1/2" OME suspension lift, but as always, it's gonna have to wait 'till I can pay for it. with my current set-up, I spent about $180 and not only got 1 1/2" of lift, but better body mounts for less roll when cornering, and greasable bolts/bushings with the shackles for better flex and a smoother ride, all without having to alter the drivetrain and all easily installed on a Saturday morning. The danger is when you go with a shackle longer than 1 - 1 1/2" or so, then you will really start to see 'wandering' and unpredictable handling. Hope this helped, and happy Jeepin'!

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