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I was wondering if a shakle lift would help my driveshaft angle......I recently installed a four inch susp. lift on my 92 yj and now when I make a turn I hear a noise and the only thing I can guess what it is is my rear driveshaft and was wondering if shackles can help. Thanx


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Most Jeeps with a 4" lift will vibrate & make noise unless you install a CV type driveshaft in the rear. Shackles really don't help any problems...if anything, they just create more problems! Invest in a good driveshaft with a CV joint on the T-case end along with a slip joint eliminator kit. You will also have to change the pinion angle on the rear diff so it points at the T-case. This should eliminate any driveshaft/driveline angle related problems you have.

Mike H.
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