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Ok, what are the pros and cons of a shackle reversal? Can this be used with boomerangs? I can't weld, so would have to have it done.

My local Jeepshop said that you won't feel a difference if you don't have more that 4" of lift. Also: will it give you additional ride height?

Thanks! Happy almost x-mas!

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I think the kits advertise a 2" lift with a shackle reversal. I think your
local jeep shop is wrong about not feeling a defference. Mine has stock
lift springs and shackles but it is a SOA. Don't know for sure if that
makes a difference but don't think it does. If you check out the black cj
with the yellow side bars and bumpers thats in the top truck challenge
thats where I got the idea to do it myself. Saw it at Dersert Fox 4WD in
Tempe,AZ one day.

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I have no personal experience with this mod, but here are a couple things to think about:
  • Nose dive during braking.
  • Poosible clearance problems at the rear of the front fenders
  • May need to replace front driveshaft due to increased compression
  • Less contact pressure on rocks and other obsticles

That's all I could think of off the top of my head right now.

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Regarding the tires hitting the back of the fenders. I just talked to a local 4wd shop here and whenever they do a reversal, they move the hangers forward (and thus the axle also) one inch to solve the problem.

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