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15 years Later!!!

So I am having this problem now with a 2007 Ford fusion. My belt came off 3 days ago. Got a new belt (factory) installed. It drove fine all day even turned off in intervals. Parked it overnight, in the morning belt was off. I was told this only happens if something is "off" or not aligned. Was told it was either pulley or tensioner. So I got both. Brand new. Drove perfect all day. Parked overnight, and what happens in the morning. Belt laying on the side of sh*t as if it was never on. So 3 days and over $300 later I have no car. Whats more frustrating than anything is none of these "professionals" can give me any real answers. Only half a** suggestions on what it "usually" is. No REAL anything that can lead to any results. SMMFH
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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