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Can anyone help out, please?
My 1987 Serow 225 does not run at over a quarter throttle and after checking all the obvious fuel etc issues I found the CDI unit bound together with black plastic tape. The insides had been chiselled to attempt a repair probably, so I bought a replacement on Ebay. The 'new', nine wire, one is substantially different from the 'original' one. My bike does not have an electric starter and looking at other CDI units on Ebay, the new one is for an electric start model. The problem is that few of the wires have similar colours, I cannot just leave the starter ones out.
I have the correct manual for my bike with the old CDI colours but the new one has an extra wire as well as different colours.
Can anyone suggest which old colours on the wiring loom should be mated to the new colours? The connecting plugs are different too so I'll fit bullet connectors to all the wires.
Alternatively, does anyone have an old type, six wire, CDI unit for sale?
Regards to all,
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