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Series 1 Landrover

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I have a 1955 series 1 landrover back in the UK (shropshire). My dad bought it out of a field in the 80s and repaired it with a hardtop. I was driven to school in it from 11 to 17 yrs old. Anyway, the past 5 years it has been parked up in my Dad's field, slowly rusting (the engine just about fires up, but the wheels have seized and the bulkhead is rotten. He tried to sell it last year and I pleaded with him to keep it. I convinced him to put it in a shed at least. The dilemma now is, shall I repair it back there (where there will be lots of parts) or ship it out to california and find a decent mechanic over here, who most likely will have to learn about the LR, and ship parts from the UK anyway. I just bought a wrangler 2001, and suddenly realized I pine for my old school ride, and got the jeep as a surrogate.
Whatcha think?
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you asked


If it were me I'd have the the repair/resto done where the truck is currently. Parts will be far more available, prices probably better, and people who know what a Series I truck is and can work on it will be more common that here in the states.

I have a '64 Series II that I'm currently waiting on a remanufactured head for. Mine burned a valve and the machine shop said it was riddled with cracks and was no good. Parts for Series II trucks are available here in the states but I have to order and ship everything to get them. It seems like Series I stuff is even less common even with the folks that handle Series II stuff.

Just my opinion, best of luck with whatever you decide.


EDIT: I just saw the date of the original post whooops!!! Anyway I hope you got your Series I fixed up and runinng.
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