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THIS IS FROM THE SIERRA CLUB WEEKLY E-BULLETIN, if we don't show up in force, too, you can probably kiss the Rubicon and
anything else in that area goodbye. I can't stress the importance of OHVers in that area attending, it is 3/18 in Fresno.

2) Forest Service to Hold Sequoia Hearing

"I want to ensure that these majestic cathedral groves, which John
Muir called "Nature's masterpiece," are protected for future
generations to study and enjoy"

- President Bill Clinton

The giant sequoias are among the largest and oldest living things on
earth. While about a third of the groves are protected within National
Parks, the balance of what is left is found within National Forest or
other federally owned land and remains endangered by logging, road
construction, ORV damage, and development pressures. The Sequoia
National Forest holds John Muir's beloved Giant Sequoia groves and is
also valuable as habitat for black bear, bobcats, and peregrine
falcons as well as the endangered Sierra Nevada red fox and wolverine.
Sierra Club members have been fighting for protection of the giant
sequoias since the days when John Muir walked the hills.

A few weeks ago President Clinton requested that USDA Secretary Dan
Glickman (who oversees the Forest Service) study the possibility of
setting aside as much as 400,000 acres of federal forests as a
National Monument to protect our nation's last remaining groves of
giant sequoia trees. The Forest Service has announced a special
public hearing on March 18 in Fresno, CA.

The hearing will be at:
Fresno Fairgrounds in the Fine Arts Building at 1121 South Chance
Avenue from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

** Sierra Club is planning a big turnout for the hearing. You can get
involved by contacting Barb Boyle at (916) 557-1100. **

You can find out more from the Forest Service web at: For any questions or comments, please
feel free to contact Mary Chislock-Bethke at (559) 784-1500 ext. 1112
or Denise Alonzo ext. 1256. E-mail can be sent to
mchislock/[email protected] or dalonzo/[email protected]

Your help right now can protect these majestic forests forever! Ask
your members of Congress, Senators and the Forest Service to act to
protect 400,000 acres of the giant Sequoia ecosystem!

Get active or get locked out, the choice is yours.

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Hate to be a pest, but if you want to see the official USFS Sequoia NF bulletin I put a brief article about it on the new LandUse section on ORC, just go to the TOC page, left col to access it. There is also a meeting on the 17th.

Get active or get locked out, the choice is yours.

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Brad, the page looks great!/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif Great to have this information at our finger tips! I think the BBS should provide a quick link to the page at the bottom (or even top) of each page. This is too important to ignore.

I think Fresno is about a 4 hour drive from LA, any other BBS'ers going? I'll do my best to make it...

Jon - YJ94
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