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Separating Leaf springs..HELP!!

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Anyone got any ideas on how to separate stock YJ leaf springs easily?? I don't want to cut or torch anything, but I need to get them apart to clean them up before I put them on for a SOA. I am just looking for ideas...also how do I get those nasty rubber bushings out of the eyelets on the leaf springs?? Thanks for the help!!!

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Spring packs are relatively easy to disassemble. Not familiar with the YJ as such, but most will come apart by taking off the clamps and a center bolt. As far as those rubber bushings, they can be a real bear to get out, I have had success with burning them, getting them soft, and then pushing them out.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
clamp the pack with a c-clamp and remove(most likely destroy) the center pin. the leaf clamp can be heated and bent out of the way. the shackle bushings usually are split and slide out. the main spring eye must be pressed or burned out. dont forget to reinstal the teflon pads when restacking the leaves.


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You'll need new rubber bushings and a new center pin. Heat the bushings with the leaf spring on it's side and the eye off of the ground. Make sure it is stable so that you can use a socket (smaller then the eye) and a hammer to drive the bushing out. Just grind off the center pin. There's no way you'll be able to reuse it and a longer bolt (~6" longer) will let you line up the springs and then tighten it to pull the pack together.

Nick Hagen
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i've been able to just use a hydraulic press to push the bushings out of the spring eyes. did this to five pairs of springs.

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