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Senator Jon Tester is proposing even more public lands in Montana be designated as Wilderness.

Blue Ribbon Coalition's Brian Hawthorne doesn't think much of the bill, except he thinks it's an excellent object lesson to show how "utterly broken" federal land management is today.

You can read more of what Hawthorne says on our website: Forest Jobs and Recreation Act - BRC Land Use Update

Although the bill, as currently written, is BAD for recreation, Senator Tester's staff says they are interested in hearing from Montanan and addressing their concerns. You can learn more about how much of Montana's back-country will be lost forever, as well as find contact info for Senator Tester on his website:

As always, please call or email if you have any questions or comments.
Ric Foster
Public Lands Department Manager
BlueRibbon Coalition
208-237-1008 ext 107
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