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Select Trac/COmmand Trac what is what??????????

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Buddy just bought a 90 XJ. It has a switch on the right of the steering wheel where it says Power and Comfort. Just need a bit of insight on what kind of transfer case he has (I assume NP231). Also, what does he have.... Command or Select Trac. Someone just gimme the complete low down on these options and what the difference is...... Please explain.....
Thanks in advance.....
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Re: Select Trac/COmmand Trac what is what?????????

Unless someone has changed it out like they did on mine. The spec sheet says SelecTrac and the shifter has part-time 4HI but the axle has the vac disco which makes it a NP231 CommandTrac. So somewhere along the line someone has screwed around with it. I didn't know all this when I bought it in 2002. (Actually I knew nothing about XJ when I bought it. Everything I know I have learned here in the past 12 months).
The NP242 does not have the vacuum lines.

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