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seems a little odd front driveline

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when disconnecting the front end of the front driveshaft today to ready for towing i noticed how the front of the shaft slides with splines and a grease fitting. it made it handy to pull it back so i could remove it from the u-joint. is this its purpose? i doubt it but the other question is:
when i jacked it back grease could come out the front towards the u-joint. i could feel in there and touch the splines. i thought there ought to be a seal to keep the grease in. anyway after my test tow i put shaft back together and shot some more grease in. how much grease could it need?

i've greased alot of front ends and u-joints but never this type of driveshaft.
am i missing a seal?


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No seal,,, just a sort of felt type wiper that is attached to the small ring at the end of the female end of the splines. The reason for the splines it to let the drive shaft lengthen and shorten with the articulation of the front axle with out pulling apart ot stuffing the drive shaft through the transfer case.

well ok!
i didn't see the felt wiper. i did not pull it completely apart. can it be pulled apart? would i see the felt wiper then?
hey i'm not going to mess with it!
do you just shoot grease in until it starts coming out the front towards the u-joint? or just guess a few strokes with the gun ?
thanks gp'n

There should just be a little compresion type of seal at the opening of the female side. The reason the grease came out when you pushed it back in is because the air is getting compressed as you slide it in. Before you took it off it was filled with the grease from the last lube job. Once you get it off road and start flexing it, it will oooze a bit also. Its normal. Make sure to mark your yoke and U joints so that they go back in the same way they came out,(great advice now that its out).
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thanks jeff
yea i marked before i disconnected. you're right about the air. sounded just like when pulling back the handle on a grease gun when getting ready to put in another tube of grease!
we must love this jeep stuff!

does it really matter which way the driveshafts go back in. i've taken my shafts out so many times, i couldn't count if i tried. even taken the shafts apart. when i got my rear shaft retubed, the guy said they don't bother balancing shafts that short since it doesn't make that much difference. the front one deflects about 3/4" at the slip yoke, one of these days i'll get that fixed too.

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