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Securing Gerry Can to Jeep?

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I have recently acquired a free 5 gallon gas can and would like to mount it on my Jeep for the times I'd like having it. But I had a 1 gallon plastic gas can stolen out of my Jeep once and I certainly don't want this walking away either. So how do you all lock them up? I see there are can holders out there for the can to sit into but do these help lock them? It doesn't look like it which is why I ask. Photo's would be nice if possible.
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Yes......Jerry can mounts are available in lock-up types; some even have a piece that drops over the fill spout and prevents opening the can and siphoning the contents out. My take on this is to leave the lid unlocked. That way the thief gets the gas by siphoning it into ANOTHER Jerry can that he stole and leaves yours empty but still hanging on the Jeep. Those cans were nicknamed "Jerry" cans because they were made very similar to one that the German army used in WWII. They are also called "Jeep" cans because they came mounted on the WWII Jeeps. There is also a water can version that is dimensionally similar, but uses a different opening and has some sort of lining inside the can.
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