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The shop I am talking about said they would guarantee their work and said they would have my new engine installed in 3-5 days for $1500.00. I had a new engine sent to them after confirming with them that they would guarantee the work work even though I supplied the engine. They couldn't get it to run so they took it to a GM dealer that said the injection pump was damaged most likely during the removal or re-installation. They billed me for the new pump
even though I did not authorize the repair. I did approve new injectors, water pump and a clean and test of the radiator about $900.00. 5 weeks after dropping it off they still weren't finished and I was getting ready to go on the vacation that I told them I needed the Suburban for. I called on Friday they said it would be done in a couple hours and that they would call so several hours later and about 1 hour before they closed I called to ask what was going on. They all went home without even giving me a call. When I finally picked it up 3 months after dropping it off the bill was now $6200.00 instead of the $2500.00 I authorized. I was told if I paid in cash (not check or debit card) that they would take $5000.00. I paid to get my Suburban back and didn't complain to much because I wanted to stay on good terms if I needed any warranty work. Well that didn't matter I picked it up and heard a strange bearing noise but I was told several times that it was fine. 3 weeks later and 500-700 miles and the turbo bearings failed allowing the impeller to contact the housing sending chunks into my engine. The turbo was brand new from Borg-Warner. The local shop that sold me the turbo said it was lack of lubrication that caused the turbo failure confirmed by Borg-Warner and the shops main office. They said most likely that the turbo wasn't pre-lubed right or possibly the oil lines were not hooked up or hooked up wrong. Even more remote but still possible is that the mechanic allowed something to be sucked into t he turbo causing the bearing damage. The shop I took it to for a 2nd opinion supports this and says that the work that was done was either done poorly or not at all. They scratched up my fenders hood and roof (my hood was stored on the roof while they worked). They took the intake and some other things off my engine and just left it in my back seat. The best part is that while they were checking it out they allowed my Suburban to get 2 parking tickets and didn't bother to tell me or pay them. If you are having work done and the color of the building the shop is in is blue I recommend you do a search online to find out more info about this shop. Sorry for the long message.
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