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Sealing oil sender connection

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Looking under the hood the other day I noticed that where the connection for the oil pressure line attaches to the block is leaking. this is just a brass fitting that screws into the hole where the oil pressure sending unit used to screw in. I switched some years back to a manual gauge. What type of sealant do you put around the threads to stop the leak? I'm assuming that standard plumbers tape would be eaten away by the oil.
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Well here is what I have found....Senders/sensors/tramsmitters/switches, whatever you want to call them sometimes need a to complete or make a ground to work right. There are some multiple wire senders that use one wire as a ground, but I think all 1 wire senders need that ground. If you use teflon tape it's possible to get too good of a seal and not have any metal on metal contact for a ground or just not enough. The teflon dope is probably good, just use enough to whet the threads and allow squeeze-out to permit a good ground.
Also teflon tape shouldn't be eaten away, it's kinda permanant. Also with small brass pipe thread fittings, if you use the tape you run the risk of splitting the fitting when you tighten it up enough to keep it from moveing.
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