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Sealing oil sender connection

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Looking under the hood the other day I noticed that where the connection for the oil pressure line attaches to the block is leaking. this is just a brass fitting that screws into the hole where the oil pressure sending unit used to screw in. I switched some years back to a manual gauge. What type of sealant do you put around the threads to stop the leak? I'm assuming that standard plumbers tape would be eaten away by the oil.
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Yes, it is a mechanical guage with the tube and compression fitting. I think the compression fitting is okay. It "appears" that it is leaking from the threads that screw into the block, but I am not positive. My first move is to try the teflon tape route as it is the easiest. If it leaks after that I will replace the compression fitting. I'm hoping the tape will fix it as I don't want to try to find the correct size compression fitting. I remember it as being very small........
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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