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Scrambler worth?

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What's a 1981 Scrambler with air conditioning, auto trans, hard top worth? I haven't seen it yet and don't know anything else about it but thought somebody might give me a price range. A guy down here has one he's asking $5,800 for but would probably take $5,000.

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If it's in really good shape, it will bring that money. I sold my 82 about 5 years ago for $3500 (6cyl,AT,A/C) and it needed a paint job. Go to http://www.traderonline and do a search for them and you will see the market.
How did you come out on the CJ-8. sorry I missed your post some how.
I bought our 8 for $5300, 84-new pant- new gas tank and skid- new radator{sp}
new windshild frame and windshild- new wiper sw. with delay- new emergency
brake cables- new 1-inch lift with red poly all thru truck- alot of stainless
steel parts- wrangler seats and doors. The CJ-8 came stock with tilt wheel-
clock- tack- delayed wipers- PS- PB- T5.
rebuild eng by machine shop. 67000 miles, Motor had hole in No. 6 piston. I think someone tryed to run it flat out with to much advance in the timeing??????
I have replaced the ball joints, top ones where dryed out sloped out so replace
top and bottom ball joints and wheel bearing and front brake calitpers{sp]
did it myself for about $300.With new tools.
found rust in rear end. replace Ring gear and pinon-all bearings- New axles one
pice- payed $150 for bearing pressing on and gear setup
over $750 total in rear axle.
Maybe I got screwed on this jeep but me and the wife like it.
Did not idle when i got it and now have it running sweet.
You are not going to beleve this but with 136 map miles
which we did some driveing around so I think we had more miles
than that. but came out to 18.4 mpg. that would been 99.8% hiway miles.

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That sounds good, if it's in good condition. Here in Indiana, that would probably go for around $4000. But, as I have seen, for your location,
that seems to be going price. I would recommend shopping around (Collins Bros. but they are a bit pricey). The Scramblers are getting harder
and harder to come by, and they're value is cliimbing. -So you can't go wrong unless you get a basket case.
I bought my CJ8 about 5 years ago for around $4000, and have sunk over $10k into it in mods and rebuilds. -And Loving It!

Good Luck

Keep on Jeepin'
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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