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1981 soon to hit the market. Excellent frame/body. Bestop and half hard top included. No rust/rot/or bondo anywhere. Tub is herculined. New radiator, fuel tank, brakes. Rebuilt motor and tranny (258,SR-4). Everything works. It appears to have a 4" lift and the tires are 33's with I'm guessing about 60% tread. It's got outstanding oil pressure and runs like a raped ape. The only thing stopping it from running like a scalded dog is I feel the gears are high for the rubber installed. I have no idea the ratio and lack the ambition to figure it out. It's took me about 4 years off and on to get this thing rebuilt and then the usual new wife/baby/dog story, so it's going to go. The only things I'm going to still do is fix up the exhaust and give it a good undercoating.

The only two issues I know of is the seats. Drivers side is bit on the sad end, and I had to fab some of the seat mounts, and goobered up the measurements I guess because I had to shim them. Or maybe I'm just goofy because I didn't like the angle they sit. In any case I shimmed the bottoms to make the seats sit in a fashion that I liked.

What's the going rate these days for this kind of junk?


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