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Mine is 33 5/8" up from the top of the floor plate to the center of the bolt hole for the shoulder harness.

As far as the way the shoulder harness attaches, it is with a bolt that threads into the bung that is welded into the roll bar. There is a rubber bushing or spacer (mine is 1 1/4" long compressed) that spaces the shoulder harness away from the roll bar. I assume that is so the half cab fits somewhere in the middle of the bushing. Also there is a washer between the shoulder harness and the rubber bushing.

Also, I don't think it will matter, but the two roll bar designs are slightly different (besides the shoulder harness mounting bung). The hoop is the same, it's just the later versions came down further before angling toward the base plate. The straight part of the hoop coming down goes about 2" below the top of the tub before angling toward the base plate. The base plate appears to be in the same spot in relation to the hoop, it's just the bars with shoulder belts has a slightly sharper angle. The hoops without the shoulder harness start to angle toward the base plate about 3" above the top of the tub. If it matters, there you have it. If not, ignore this last paragraph.

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