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Scrambler halftop on a CJ7

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I want to put a CJ8 Scrambler halftop on my CJ7. I have a full hardtop but I still want to do it mostly
because I think it would look cool, but my justification was that it would be easier to heat the smaller

I bought a hard halftop and the divider panel some years ago and have not put them on yet. Since then
I changed to the GM truck heater blower motor and bought a Steel Horse wind breaker, so my
justification for heat is long gone. Good thing I bought the top when I had justification because I still
want to do it. I'll be using the divider plate to make a fiberglass copy since the tub is fiberglass and I will
have to fabricate a new roll bar, I'm thinking of $tainless $teel here. I hate rust /wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif !

I would also like to have a soft halftop, are they still available? I haven't seen any advertised in years.
Are any made with the square upper rear door corners like the Wrangler? Are there any upper soft doors
made with the round upper rear corners that will fit Wrangler doors? I bought some fiberglass half doors
and modified them to take the Wrangler upper half doors, I'd still like to use them with the soft half top.
I'd also prefer to use the Wrangler upper half doors because I have the sliding glass type windows. Am I
just going to have to get a custom soft half top built or what?
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I didn't see them listed on their website, so I ordered the catalog. Thanks

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