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I wanted to ask those scrambler fans out there a question. a few weeks ago I dropped a question about scrambler vs jeep truck, got some good feed back, although I can't remember who gave me the Idea, I found a wagoneer this weekend,, body trash, but frame and running gear intact. just curious if anyone had any Idea how much modifying it would require to get the best of both worlds and add a scrambler body to that frame.. anyone have any ideas whear I can get my hands on the tech mesurements for the scrambler??

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for some reason I think a scrambler would be to short for a good tow truck????
UNLESS you could do a fifth wheel type of thing.????


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i didn't reply to the last CJ-8 vs. Jeep truck because i thought the same thing as the others.
a "J-20 would be the way to go".
now i also drive a scramber (my wife's), the wheelbase being alittle longer makes it drive more like a short/short bed truck than a jeep.
Now i was considering turning it into my tow vehicle. (tow a trailer w/YJ) i debated swapping in 1-ton everything, and decided it still wouldn't drive/tow like a "Real 1-Ton" truck.
My plan is to make a tow vehicle out of a "Chevy Truck"/wwwthreads_images/icons/shocked.gif i'm thinking a flatbed (my wife won't want to drive it/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif) and just run 2WD so i won't be tempted to Uh, test it.

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