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I have just put a scout front end in my CJ With , Cj outer ends .
The problem I am haveing is with the drag link, I used the scout and finding
that when the wheels are turned to the left the drag link hits the front cover
on the diff.
Any ideas except cutting it up and makeing it fit ?

Thanks For Your Help
*79 CJ-7


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I seem to recall that the tierod (you do mean the tierod, which connects the knuckles? The drag link connects the right knuckle to the steering box, anyway..) the tierod on my '98 dodge ram is clearanced to miss the front diff...when at full lock. You might be able to find one of these and cut it down... There has to be other possible donor vehicles.

Just a thought, plus the tierod will be made of heavier stock.

Jim O'Brien
[email protected]
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Is the front of your diff cover flat or rounded? I had this problem but had a chrome diff cover that was flat right across the front where the tie rod would hit. There was enought space that the ring gear wouldnt hit the flat spot. Changed this out and no more problems. I also flattened out my stock diff cover to match the flat spot on the chrome one and will put it on once I punch a hole in the chrome diff. Just be carefull not to flattened it so much that it comes into contact with the ring gear.

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