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Scout II T18 Dana 20 into my Jeep.. I Hope

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OK, I'm the the type of person who likes to kill two birds with one stone and do things once. I'm also on a budget, but want to improve my Jeep.

So I want to find a tranny with a low range first gear and also would like heavier, slightly wider, axles.

Been thinkin, researchin, thinkin some more. Convinced myself that if I can locate a Scout II with 4speed (they are T18/Dana20), I can kill those two birds. It will be cheaper to mate the tranny to the engine, than another tranny to my t-case. As I search though, I have found conflicting info that i'm hoping to get straightened out.

1. Novak says that the IH T18s have some sort of "stud mounted style front face". Other write ups say that you simply swap the Ford gears/input into the IH case, get a bearing retainer and your good. ??

2. Speaking of Ford gears. Can I just swap 1st for 1st, or do I have to swap all of them. ???

3. I would use a Ford clutch disc, no?

Does anyone have experience with this type of swap? Anything I'm missing here? I'm thinking that if I can come up with the right donor for +- $200.00, I should be in good shape.

TIA for your thoughts and assistance. Jarret
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There is a ton of info there. If you mention that your planningon putting the tranny/tcase into a jeep, be ready for some people to flame the heck out of you. Don't let that keep you from checking it out. Overall I had really good luck using that site when I had my 73 Scout II.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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