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My Jeep CJ6 has a Stainless Steel Brake Corp front disc conversion on it, I'm trying to track down a replacement disc rotor for it. I of course went back to SSBC to get one off them but they want an absolute crazy price for the disc and freight. I'm of the belief that the rotor is off an International Scout II (year unknown). I was wondering if anyone on here has any ideas where I could find one of these rotors from as I have brought 2 so far and both times they were the wrong ones,

The correct disc size is as below:

11 3/4" diameter 5 on 5.5" Stud pattern 4 2/16" central hole 1 3/16" disc thickness 1 1/2" from front disc face to wheel mount face.

The 2 measurements that seem to cause the problems are the central hole diameter and the measurement from the front disc face to the wheel mount face.

Any help would be appreciated
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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