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Help A Scout that came with factory disc brakes, Would they be Dana 44s on the front & rear.
The Scout has sunk in the mud and I cant make out what they are.
Also would the wheel track be the same as a AMC 20 or a little wider.
Thanks Mike


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Most likely, they are 44's. I thought that is all International used on their Scouts. As for width, I believe they are a bit shorter, like almost two inches than a Wrangler. And I think the Wrangler is about four inches wider than the CJ's with the AMC 20. So if my info is correct, the Scout 44's should be about 2" wider than the AMC 20. I hope this helps, I believe that I am correct, but no quite sure.


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Hello, It depends what year scout. Anything after 74 scout had dana 44's front and rear with front disc brakes and rear drum. They are 3inchs wider than the wide track axles on the cj's. Before 74, scouts had dana 30 frontends and were called 800's. After 74 they were scoutII's aka:80's


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Let's see if I can remember this correctly, it's been awhile. I have 3 Scout II's and used to drive Scouts before jeeps, until the bodies kept rusting off.

There is a period of Scout II's that had the old model axles. In '73, they went to the Scout II body but kept the old axles, which aren't very strong. In '74, the D44's were an option, as well as disc brakes, so you could get the weaker axle with the discs, so just because it has discs doesn't mean it is a D44. The '75 and up to '80 (the last year they were made) all had the D44's front and rear.
I put a set in my '81 Scrambler (narrow track), sorry, no pics yet, and I had to move the rear perches in 1.75" on each side to match the old track. The rear axle was 8" wider overall (give or take a few fractions) than my AMC20. The front axle is also wider, but only by 6". On the front, I moved the springs outside the frame 2" on each side to use the existing perches as one of them is moulded into the pumpkin. It was either that or move one perch and have an extra 4" sticking out on one side than the other. I didn't want to cut anything down for 2 reasons:
1) I have 7" of lift and want to go to 38's, so I need the width for stability
2) I have several extra axles, so when I blow one, I want to be able to replace it on the trail with a spare.

The rear was an easy swap, the front took some thinking but works.

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