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Scout 2 rims on a Zuk?

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Talked to my buddy at work today said he would give me 4 chrome rims from a scout 2 that he just bought. I read on some older posts on backspacing that scout rims had 2.5 backspacing right from the factory. Is this true or do you need rims from the older 800 model? I assume the bolt pattern and hole opening will work also. I hope they will work since I'm getting them for nothing. My Zuk isn't going to be stock much longer, plan on getting a 5.5 spoa kit in the next month or so. Thanks for the help guys!

Matt Schiccatano

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the rims will bolt up,but i'm not sure about backspacing measurments.I run 15x10 alluminum with 4" back space,33x12.50 tires.had slight rubbing at full steering lock.I installed Spidertrax wheel spacers,no more rub,way more stability!definatly worth the money spent.

When you go SPOA, i can sell you a really 'beefy' Zlink steering arm for 50 dollars USD if you send me your stock, straight drag link

Anton, is this something you do, or do you just have one lying around you want to get rid of? I'm just about ready to get to work on my 85 SJ410, rebuild, lift, & paint. I've seen your SJ and any pointers on the lift would be appreciated.

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Well, as you may know i really enjoy fabricating and making parts for my zuk. I need money and this seems the best and easiest way to get it. I will make them to whatever length, drop etc.. E-mail me, at [email protected]
The rims will fit but if you decide to sell them let me know. Ive been searching forever for a decent set of Scout 2 wheels for the scout im building.

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