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I just want to pass this on to all the rest of you guys that you can save about $90 on a Mean Green Starter. I bought mine about a
year ago from JC Whitney. You may be saying that they don't carry that brand, and they don't "officially". If you look for the
"Performance Gear Reduction Starters," which is on page 190 of catalog 631J, you will see a picture that look a lot like a Mean
Green Starter. If you look really carefuly you will see that it even has "Mean Green" machined into the face of the starter around the
output. The only difference between what I recieved was that the motor cover had a black paint coating rather then the dichromate
finish that is in all the pictures of the "real" mean green starters. It has the same adjustable clock position mounting. I has the
same marking and machined aluminum and cast parts. I paid about $200 dollars for it with JC Whitney's usual  percent
discount offer. It listed for $220. In other magazines like 4WDH it is listed for $289.95.
I suggest you double check this before you order, but I am very happy with mine.
On other thing, the "real" one has a 2 year warranty, and the JC Whittney one only has a 1 year warrany.
Good Luck,
83' CJ7 I-6


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Ethan, thanks for the info. I have one question, will the starter in the JC Whitney catalog fit a 258 I-6 engine? The catalog lists two models: 1) 2 HP for standard V6 & V8 GM engines, and 2) 2.9 HP for high output V8. Thanks.

John C.

[email protected]

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Ok, I found my invoice, and took another look at my JCWhitney catalog. My JCW catalog only list one starter for "all in-line 6-cyl
232,258." The part number is 81ba4819p. The letters in all thier part numbers change in depending on the catalog, and I think they
use them in order identify the catalog and price. So the letters may vary from mine, but he numbers will not. Next to that on my
invoice it has the manufacurers part number MG3209. (I wonder if that MG stands for MEAN GREAN?) Anyways, that should be
the number you need. I have a 83' I-258 and it bolts right up. I wish I could say I have tried it out, but I still need to finish my body
before I start my engine up.
I am not sure about, "The catalog lists two models: 1) 2 HP for standard V6 & V8 GM engines, and 2) 2.9 HP for high output V8."
You may have one of their "special catalogs." Look them up at and get them to send you a free catalog.
Good Luck,
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