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I have a 1987 Samurai with a 5 speed. The shifter moves fine, but regardless of where the shift lever is set, the transmission stays in second gear.

I removed the transmission shift lever. The shift lever, slot, bushing, and locater pin are all fine. The transmission is stuck in second gear. The shift rails work fine, no binding, I can move them into each gear with the shifter or a screwdriver with the shift lever removed. Working the three shift rails goes like this: With the three rails set to neutral and the clutch pedal out, the transmission turns the intermediate shaft, the transmission is still in gear. When I set the rails to second gear and let out the clutch pedal, the intermediate shaft spins as fast as when it is in neutral (hence my decision that it is stuck in second, even though the shift rails slide properly into each gear). When I put it in any other gear but second and let out the clutch pedal, the transmission binds and stalls the engine.

The clutch works fine, engages and releases properly.

I can't figure out how to get the transmission out of second, sliding the shift rail does not do it. Any ideas?

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There is a roll pin holding the shift fork to the end of the shifting rod. I suspect you have one that has
sheered off.

You can take off the tail stock housing and remove the top half of the case without too much
trouble, and check it out.
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