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Samurae and Mitch Update

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Seems that my laziness has finally peaked someones interest!! First off, I am alive! so are mitch and Jakoby. Both of us have started new positions with the company and we are no longer on the same shift. It works out great for our son, who has a parent with him 20 out of the 24 hours in a day now.

Our son, is growing like a weed, a bit on the small side but the Dr's keep assuring me that he is fine, just has a high metabolism. He is 10.5 months old now and walking and saying a few words, he is such a joy and pleasure, but a big old handful right now. Any stitch of spare time we have goes to him.

Mitch is scheduled for an elective surgery the end of December to help with his live long struggle with his weight. I know that alot of people no not agree with taking such drastic measures...but He is tired of failing with attempts with other ways of losing the weight. So Dec 30th, he goes in for that.

We sold our Blue and Black Samurai... THis was a hard choice to make, it broke both our hearts as it drove away. But this summer we made a purchase with our son in mind, and we bought the famous Mazzola Black Tracker from Jim and Kim Mazzola. THis way Jakoby will be more protected and kept out of the elements and it will be a nicer ride for all of us. Ya all know how nice it is to wheel with the windows up and the AC on!!

Lastly... I am exhusted... plain and simple with long hours at work and my son i barely get 5 hours of good sleep a night. Heck the only reason I have the time to pop in a write right now is because I am home with a cold and Jakoby has an ear infection... Otherwise i'd be at work and they blocked all internet access on our work computers... i suppose the fellas were lookin up the porn sites too much so they locked us out.

thanks for the concern, we are still here, just trying hard to fit time in for everything

love to you all
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glad to hear everything is alright.

hope to see you again in 7 months

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