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Rust and Durabak

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I am ready to Durabak my CJ this weekend and was wondering what I need to do about the rust in the tub. Do I need to put something on the rust or just wirebrush and do the normal prep? The rust is not too bad but I do have a few small holes in the floor pan. I have seen where people have put some duct tape on the back side and just painted over the holes. Does anyone know what rust converters will work with the Durabak? Want to do it right the first time. Thanks.

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my advice would be to put a coat of por-15 on the rust and then apply the durabek over that. it seals out the moisture and will prevent further rust thru. They also make a mesh product to fill the holes. Drop me an e-mail if you need their address
all the best

I used a disk sander on some minor floorboard
rust before I used Durabak, you ought to try
to to clean it up as much as possible.
You'll love the Durabak.
Good luck
Gary '78cj7

por 15 finish would be too smoth for the durabak to bond to and it doesn't roughen up with sandpaper all to well either. If you use that then they make a tie coat that bond to the por 15 but dries rough likea primer.

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I wire brushed the entire tub and then sprayed rust converter on the scaly spots. The Durabak adhered without any problems. Just be sure you clean everything thoroughly with Xylene before you start.

1985 CJ7 4.2L, T-176, Dana 300, 2.5" lift, 31" tires, DurabakOn-Board Air
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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