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The new Weber 32/36 is installed and running.
What a difference a new carb makes! It was a fairly easy install. It took me about 4 - 5 hours taking my time. The linkage was also pretty easy to install as well.

Now for the good part...

The motor is running so well now. It's quieter and idles so smoothly that I often wonder if it stalled out. No more sputters, stalls, etc. I had also installed a Balkamp fuel pressure regulator.

Setting the fuel mixture and idle was simple. I do need to get a tach on it to see if the idle is right on the money.

It's so nice to feel the difference in performance and acceleration. It was well worth the money and time and the engine compartment looks neater too.

A renewed love affair with my CJ8.

Hmmm.... what can I do next?


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i'm with you george, i installed an edlebrock 4 barrel on my 350, and what an improvement! I do have the gurgle which i love, but that is due to the cherry bombs..What a sound!!! head turner for sure.

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