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Is there any new info on the gate issue on the Rubicon???

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None that I've heard. I uaually watch the pirate bbs for info on that stuff. (most of them are out west)
That really sucks.....I want to make the trip there one day and I don't want to see it locked up./wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif
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Here's the latest:

To All: if you haven't gotten the word, CA4WDC Natural Resources Consultant, Don Klusman is the primary point of contact for the
Rubicon trail issues. Here is the latest. Thanks, DEL

There has been a lot of things happening with the Rubicon issue. I'm going to try and clear up some of what is happening here. First off there
are three main parties involved in this issue. First Placer County then Lahontan Water District and last but not leased volunteers. I
understand that everyone would like to go fix the issue today and get on with life me included. I really wish it was that simple. There are
many steps that have to be done before any work can be done on the trail. First Placer County and Lahontan must go out on the ground
look at the problem areas and decide what is needed to correct the problem. Next both Lahontan and Placer County must agree on how to
proceed. Placer County needs to decide what money they are going to put where and when. I understand in the private world this can be
done in a short time frame but in the governmental time we are looking at much longer time frames.
As of right now there are date sets for August 17 to 26th to do work on the trail. I want to warn all of you these date may change again if
Placer County does not get things done as fast as they project. I have seen project delayed many times because of one reason of a other. It
is very frustrating to say the least.
I want to comment that we all need to work together on this issue for the good of the Rubicon. It does not matter who you belong to, who
you like or dislike, it you are a 4-wheeler, motorcyclist, ATV, mountain biker, hiker, or any other user of the trail. We all need to work
I have been asked to be the contact person by Placer County for this issue. I need help as things progress once we get the what and how's
we are going to do out on the ground done. I hope I can count on your help.
If you have question please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to talk to you about this important issue.
Don Klusman

ORC Land Use Section Editor
Vice-Pres. Rock Garden 4 Wheelers, Farmington, NM
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