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RS5000 shocks?

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I've taken of my rear shocks (RS5000's) off to replace the poly bushings with rubber and noticed that they collapse kind of easy and quickly, (they extent very hard, slowly) they are about 2 years old but have been used. when installed new i think they had the same resistance more or less in and out. does this sound normal or should i replace them? also what kind of shocks does every one like/use and why?


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RS5000s! Run, do not walk, to the trash can and throw them away. They are
junk on SWB Jeeps. Are they gone? Good. Now, go get a set of RS9000s and
put them on. See how much better your ride is. Thank me when you are all

Ron R. - 90 YJ w/OME
I would replace them since they're off already. I run TrailMaster SSV's on my Jeep. I chose them because they are a self adjusting variable rate shock (like the new Rancho RSX) and didn't kill my wallet like Rancho 9000's.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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