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Rode on Saturday

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Hooked up with 5 other fellas on Saturday and went for a 50 mile loop out near Sonoita. Awesome ride. Spend most of yesterday working on the quad. Picked up a couple skid plates, a throttle kit and a 6 pack rack. Can't figure out how that 6 pack rack is supposed to mount up. Didn't come with any instructions. It's made by armadillo, got it from Rocky Mountain. I'm going to give them a call today. Also picked up a FMF Q for it as well. That came with a 1 1/2 (approx) piece of flanged tube, the same diameter as the header pipe, I can't figure out where that's supposed to go. It will slide over the header pipe for about 1 quarter inch, (at the end where the Q pipe meets the header pipe) but it's solid all the way around so even if I was supposed to fit the silencer pipe over it and tighten it, that small piece wouldn't compress to tighten over the header pipe. I realize my description may be hard to visualize, just hope I can explain it to FMF today when I call them. I checked their web site, but there are no pics. I don't claim to be the most mechanically inclined dude. Just like to have fun.

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careful jumping or even riding hard with that six pack rack. Youll bend the subframe.
refering to quads in general, Ive seen quite a few who bent or broke the subframe. Ive also heard of people having no problems. Probably more of an issue when something is on the rack and/or it is being thrashed.
dont think that a one piece frame makes it stronger. My brother busted his subframe to heck on his 300ex on a wheelie
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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