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Rock Garden competition article now on ORC!

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The article is now online in the June issue of this mag. I have over 60 pics of the competition along with the article. Definitely check it out!

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100' cliffs! Yikes! Anyway, read the article - interesting about the "no winch" rule. I assume it was the Red CJ-2a that was completely cut up that won the stock modified. The article didn't list what Wranglers were 2-5 (as far as the year) were they all TJ's?

My question is - does anyone ever roll their Jeep so bad that it is totally wrecked? Has anyone ever rolled over one of those really big (50'-100') cliffs. Just asking.

I gotta get out there. Any other events out there this summer?

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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