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On the SCORE web page, it says he was DQ1, and the footnote says DQ1 is unsafe driving at a check point.
' that would suck '. I bet he's not happy about that.


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Thanks for the info guys. Good thing there are no check points in NASCAR, maybe he will stay out of trouble and run good next year!!


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CRB Report - SCORE Baja 1000

#1006, Steve Myers v #15, Robby Gordon - Reckless Driving

Board Members:

Carlos Iribe - Class 5/1600
Scott Steinberger - Class ProTruck
Armando Guzman - Class Stock Mini
Casey Jefferies - Class 1
Jimmy Messick - Class 9

The following is from Steve Myers' written protest:

"At approximately 4:00 PM on 11/05/99 during the running of the Baja 1000,
while stopped at Checkpoint #4 obtaining my stub ticket, our race vehicle was
hit very hard from behind and on the right side by the Turtle Wax, Trophy
Truck #15, driven by Robby Gordon, who in my estimate was traveling at an
excessive speed, (approx. 40 - 50 MPH) for a checkpoint corridor. My race
vehicle was trust forward and to the left very violently, knocking at least
one Checkpoint worker to the ground and sent another running for his life."

Andrew Myers was driving the single seat car at the time of this incident and
he related the same information to the Board, adding that conditions were
"not dusty" and the light was good. He was not injured in the collision and
no reports of injuries to Checkpoint workers were received by SCORE officials.

Andrew was able to continue his race, but about 30 miles later the damages
sustained in the collision ended the Myers' race day. They had been third in
the race and third in points.

Gordon was not present to answer questions from the Board and in a unanimous
decision (5-0) the protest was upheld and Robby's entry was disqualified.

It should be noted that Robby did stop and speak to Andrew immediately after
the incident and that he stopped at the Ojos ****** start/finish before
beginning his second lap to inform Sal Fish of the incident. Also, Robby
sent a note to the CRB Marshal apologizing for both the accident and his
inability to appear before the Board. He also offered to pay for damages to
the Myers' vehicle.

One odd thing about this incident was the lack of a protest or even a report
of the incident by the personnel at Checkpoint #4. I have asked Bill Wick,
Director of Course Operations, to investigate this matter and report back to

#101x, Martin Bejarano & 102x, Tom Grisham v 104x, Jose Ruvalcaba -

Board Members:

Carlos Iribe - Class 5/1600
Bob Gordon - Class 1
Armando Guzman - Class Stock Mini
Casey Jefferies - Class 1
Jimmy Messick - Class 9

This was a very complex case involving several riders from three different
entries. Essentially, the protesters claimed that 104x never passed them,
yet was often ahead of them. As an example:

"On the second loop in the beach section 101x was approximately 6 minutes
ahead of 104x, and had lighting problems. Steve Henseveld stopped to fix the
lights, was never passed, got them fixed and got running again, and at Santo
Tomas found out that 104x was then approximately 17 minutes ahead of him."

SCORE provided the Board with their official timing records and a calculator.
After careful examination the Board members were unable to find any
discrepancies in 104x's checkpoint-to-checkpoint times or in their speed.

The riders of entry 104x were questioned by the Board in both English and
Espanol. The Board even asked questions that were intentionally misleading.
At no time did the riders of 104x display any hesitancy or confusion in their

In a unanimous decision (5-0) this protest was denied due to lack of

To quote Bob Gordon "If these guys are cheating they're damn good at it."

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