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do you think a range rover would look good with a 4" lift? alos doies anyone know if anybody makes range rover suspension lifts???
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I know Old Man Emu, part of ARB, makes suspensions for Rangies. I don't know if they are avaiable in a "4 inch" lift or not. What I've seen describing them deals with weight ratings that they are designed to carry. You might try the folks at for more info about OME suspensions, I think I've seen them in their catalog, not 100% sure though. A good spring and suspension shop could probably do a custom set for you and I doubt if it would be much different in price from OME stuff. I think a lift on a classic Rangie would look awesome but it needs to be well done to maintain the same kind of performance the OEM suspension provides, I know those trucks can flex pretty well. Good luck!

Or also the folks at

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