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Hey everyone. Just wanted to start a thread to discuss the new Rivian R1T and R1S trucks.

We do have a sister site specific to Rivian, but I wanted to start something for regular updates here as well.

The R1T did just win Motor Trend Truck of the Year

You can get full R1T specs here

And for anyone who has reserved one, you can add your reservation to the tracking doc here.
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For those paying attention, Rivian deliveries have been very slow.

A lot of controversy that they are only delivering trucks to employees, although a few others have taken delivery.

The stock is getting hammered as a result. The IPO started amazing, with the stock doubling in price but it's back down now.

You can find a list of R1T Review here.

And here is a great review from a future owner.

And for anyone who wants more info on towing, here's a detailed 9,000 lb test.

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For anyone looking here are the official colors for the truck.

Love this Limestone color

View attachment 197306

With some deliveries now having taken place and a lot of trucks being seen out on the road, for those who just want to look at pics here are some threads of photo galleries

Glacier White R1T Thread

Forest Green

El Cap Granite

Compass Yellow


Red Canyon

LA Silver

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Going to be difficult for some to accept electric trucks into the off road world.

Until reading this, I would have never thought to put them in the same sentence
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