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ring gear/diff question

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Hello, all. I finally got my new 4.27 gears and ARB's for my CJ-7. I am doing the installation myself. Fortunatly, I have a spare D30 front axle in my basement so I can take my time and do it right.
Anyway, here's my first question. How the heck do I secure the differential so I can bolt the ring gear to it and apply the correct torque? The best solution I can think of myself is to pad my vise with some pine boards and clamp down the case down in it. Any better techniques out there?
TIA, bob

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Believe it or not, guys who do diffs for a living prefer to keep the axle in the vehicle for that very reason. In your case, your idea sounds good to me....because I will be doing the same thing this comming weekend.

John......southern CA
84CJ7, 3"lift, 32"BFG, 4.10's, ARB Locker, Solid Axle's, Durabak
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