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Does anyone know how to measure wheel offset? I am trying to set up a full size spare for the Jeep and I want (want, not need) a matching wheel. I just want to make sure I'm measuring from the correct point. I would appreciate any help I could get.

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This is probably the information being sought, but you gave him the method of finding the "Back Space" not the off set. This is one of the reasons for the long discourse awhile back concerning the importantance or lack of importance of the measurement of "off set".
If the "wheel/break contact area by the lug holes" is in the center of the wheel (a 10" wide wheel, for example, would have the wheel/break, lug area 5" from the outside edge of the rim and 5" from the inside edge of the rim) then that wheel would have a "0" off set. As that area is moved closer to the inside edge of the rim or outside edge of the rim, away from center, that is, it would gain a positive or negative "off set". The measurement being expressed in "inches of offset".
Off set to me is still a relatively useless bit of information. Back space, however, is more important, more easily understood and much more useful......IN MY OPINION!!!!

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