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i noticed that when i put my jeep in reverse the white backup lights don't come on anymore, i checked the fuse, it was ok , i checked the blubs they work, so whatelse is there to check? i have a 4.2 with manual tranny, whatelse can i check to find out what the problem is?


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The switch is the easiest place to solve your problem. Remove your tranny cover inside the Jeep. With the key in the ignition and in the on position with the shifter in reverse your backup lights should be on. If your lights aren't on disconnect the connector from the backup light switch on top of the tranny. Use a wire or piece of metal to connect the two terminals on the end of the wire, your lights should come on. If they don't then it is a short somewhere in the wire, if the lights do come on then your backup switch is bad.

Good Luck.....

1985 CJ7 4.2L, T-176, Dana 300, 2.73 gears(too high), 2.5" lift, 31" tires, Durabak
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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