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reverse cut dana 60 rear

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I'm looking to replace the axles on my TJ. I rolled my jeep fourwheeling about 10 months ago and I bent the axle shafts and housings. I have from the factory the Dana 44 rear end and Dana 30 up front. I'm interested in finding stronger axles with a high pinion (reverse cut?)... both front and rear. Here is what I'm considering but I'd like to hear some of your input to see if I'm heading in the right direction.

I heard that Currie enterprises makes a high pinion rear axle but I think they make it for the Ford 9inch. Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a custom high pinion Dana 60 rearend? I think the Dana60 is available with a 35 spline axle shafts and I think the 9 inch can be fitted with 29 or 31 spline.

fyi... I'm looking to put in new vs. used.

What are your thoughts on this and is there a better axle upgrade I could go with? What is recommended for the front??? a Dana 44??? or perhaps a Dana 60 up front too?



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Dynatrack will build a R-Cut D60 rear... I talked to them about 6 months ago. Figure close to 3k for a R-Cut D60 with Disc brakes, maybe more because you need it for the TJ. My quote was for a leaf sprung CJ7..

Jim O'Brien
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A D-60 wound be nice in the rear with some discs on it. I would use a rev cut D-44 in the front, save you some bucks and it would hold up fine in the front. Any plans for lockers? Are you wanting to run a rev cut axle in the rear? That defeats the purpose of rev cut, strength wise.

/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif Big Ed
'88 YJ, 4" susp,3" body,33's,283 Chevy V8,TH350,4.11's,D30,D35c
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FYI on the Currie idea. I talked to them yesterday on the phone and one of their 9" rears, with their 8.8 high pinion 3rd member, Ford explorer 11 dsic brakes, gears, brakets for the TJ, ... basically all ready to bolt in ran like this:
-31 spline shafts w/ ARB $3747 (you can't get 35 spline ARB option in this setup)
-35 spline shafts w/ Detroit $3607

Acccording to the guy on the phone, that included $100 shipping cost, and it would take about 3 weeks.
Then I asked about what a front D44 with and ARB setup would run me and he said like $4400.

I'm not sure how much better that Currie rear would be then a D60 setup, or if you could even tell the difference, unless you really needed the high pinion for driveline angle issues. I'm sure that there are some who can and who do and who have the money, but for me I'm thinking that I can combine my own work with local machine shop work, (and time) and I could get a D60 that would be plenty stout for me, and much cheaper. (if I can just find a place to get a cheap, new, bare D60 housing)

99tj in Tucson, AZ

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I agree with Big Ed. A rev cut D-44 up front and a reg D-60 in the rear from Dynatrac would make a nice combination. This is a strong combination without being too heavy (D-60 front and rear).

Tim Springer
1980 CJ7
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It's true that a reverse cut used in the rear is weaker than a regular cut in the rear (size being the same), but a reverse cut Dana 60 used in the rear is still stronger than the regular cut Dana 44. Not to mention, the housing and axles are an upgrade. Be ready to shell out some serious $$$ for Dynatrac. Everything they build is from new parts.

For what it's worth(i guess not much) met a guy through a freind about a month ago,He had a new Dynatrac rear 6o w/Detroit,4:10 and disc he was trying to get rid of for $2500.I read this post,called him ...said he just sold it week earlier.He's abandoning his jeep project.All he has left is a totally redone later80's cj frame for $100.

Harry .......the infamous Harry ......says that a D60 is in no way practical on a TJ in the front. He says that the housing is too big and would not allow enough room for sping perches and control arm brackets if positioned properly. For Harry to term anything VERY difficult indicates that the cost/effort far outweigh the gains.


Figures don't lie ....... but liars sure do figure.
I know this must sound stupid but Im just getting into improving the girlfriend (jeep) and I am thinking about axle upgrades coming up but dont know too much....just that d44 is better than 35c and the d60 is better than d44 but what is reverse cut for? Thanx hopefully she'll be finished one day by one of my grandsons since I dont think my wishlist will ever stop growing....keep in mind I just turned 20. Thanx again

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