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reupholster your own seats

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I wanted to have my seats reupholstered but didn't want to spend the 150-200 bucks to have my lowbacks done. Found automotive interiors, the make the skins (basically anything you want) paid 165 with shipping and they pride a kit to install it with (hog rings and pliers), I haven't installed them yet, I have to fix the seat frame a little, but i'm definetely satisfied, and their custormer service Rules. ken

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Thanks for the info. I have reupholstered the seats on a bug several years ago and it was much easier than i thought. I would reccommend it for anyone trying to save a few bucks. If you are even thinking about it, you can do it.

Yea I would recommend them to anyone, thier cusomer service and quality are something else. As a matter of fact the local uphostery shop uses thier skins and then jackes the price up!

How about a website or phone number?

Actually, It's not too hard to reupholster without a kit if you still have the factory fabric. You just use it as a pattern and if you can use a Singer or its ilk, yer in business and you can get downright creative with your interior. We redid my little bro's Chevy P/U in black tweed w/pink(!!!) piping in a single day and that included new carpet and new headliner and panel repainting. Cost about 65 bucks for all fabric, looks cool as hell, and matches his exterior perfectly. Now if we could only get more than 8 mpg out of the 454....

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The website is and there is place where you can email, I talked to a women named sarah smith, and she even called me to confirm what I wanted.
Thats cheap! I would have liked to do that but I can't sew except with a needle. I'm getting 15 with a strong wind behind me (95yj 4.0 31's with stock gearing) and I hear its going to go up to 2 bucks a gallon.

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