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You shouldn't get any pop ups from - we do have a series of pop unders or leave behinds, but even those should only give you one per day.

If you are still getting them, let us know and tell us which ad is blasting you in the face.

We don't like them either! So it's possible someone has highjacked our site, our BBS or you may be getting them from some other link you gone on to.... But we would like to hunt it down if possible.



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May I also suggest that if your running Internet Explorer use ver. 7

Try these things in this order:
1) Purge temp files, and cookies. Tools---Internet Options---General Tab---Delete---Delete ALL---
revist the affected page and see if you still get pop-ups.
2) Reset IE7 to factory settings. Tools---Internet Options---Advanced Tab---RESET
This will set IE7 back to the way it was when first installed. Spyware/Adware/Malware etc can alter IE7's security settings to let other programs exploit it easier. Be aware if you get large amounts of ad's or popups from any page.

3) IE7 has built in pop-up blocker. Make sure it's ON. Tools---Popup blocker---TURN ON.
When it's running, if you get a popup, you will see the little yellow title bar that asks you what to do. You can ignore it and continue, or if you were expecting a pop-up (for example you click the button for PM's) than you can tell it to view this time only, or trust pop-ups from this page all the time.

4) When all else fails use firefox! Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable
You can use this to browse pages just like I.E., however firefox doesn't have as many security issues and isn't targeted like I.E. is. Also with a few tweaks firefox can be set-up to dump all your temp and cookies everytime you close the application!

-Note: You can even use firefox for troubleshooting! If you are constantly getting pop-ups from a web-page, than try the same page with firefox...Still got the same pop-ups? If the answer is NO, than you may have spyware/adware/malware on your machine or I.E. may have been hijacked.

When all else fails, login from another computer and tell us what you see! Keep us posted so we can help :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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