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The 51 is running again and it sounds downright purty. The jeep had an F-head engine when I bought it and the carb sat about 4 inches above the hood. It was a common exchange years ago and the solution was to cut a hole in the hood and add a scoop. Tacky in my opinion and I wanted a stock look if possible. It took some time but I found a solex that would fit, drilled and tapped the manifold so as not to void the warranty on the carb. Hooked up the fuel line Saturday and it started right up. No misses, knocks or other strange noises. It has also been cured of the major polution problem it had. The old carb probably had a stuck choke. The hood closes normaly and there is enough room to run an air tube to a stock looking air cleaner canister. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If anyone has a similar problem, let me know. It wasn't that difficult and worth the wait. There are a lot more F-head engines around than the original L-heads and everything is a bolt-up exchange.

This week I'll replace a broken motor mount and DRIVE IT A LOT. I live 4 miles from work and work is 1 mile from the mouth of the canyon, guess what is my daily driver. "Sorry dear, I might be late getting home tonight, hehe!!!"

Brent & Sons
49-CJ3A, 51-CJ3A
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