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Removing 94 Tracker front axle housing ?????

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Grumpy and I are pulling the front axle housing out to change gear sets from my 90 stick to my 94 auto. How is it done. Read the manual and it is clear as mud. Any simple ways to do so.
Thanks Ranger Rick
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I havent done it in a while, but its not too hard.

Drain the fluid

unbolt the diff flange and DS axle flange.

unbolt the mounts and ill kinda just drop down with a little wiggeling.

then take a screwdriver/pry bar and pry off the PS axle.

It'll then be out

Yeah I know I make it sound REAL easy, but thats about all there is to doing it, but just takes a littke bit of time. The only thing that sucks is if you have to lay on your back to do it.
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DougO,thanks for the info. It fell out just like you said.
Best Regards RR
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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