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Reman\'d 258 from FOUR STAR ENGINES outa KS

Still researching engine options and costs...

Appears Capitol City Rebuilders 'had' a quality control problem and has maybe shuttered their operation.

Guys over on the CJ-8 forum recommended a somewhat local outfit that sells remanufactured motors by FOUR STAR ENGINES (Consolidated Manufacturing, Inc.). Nationwide warranty is for 3yrs/unlimited miles . Jobber (H&M, Richmond, VA -
retired Marine Mustang owns
) indicates less than 5% return rate and 4Star stands behind their products very well. Prices are not all that bad either: I can get a long block 258 w/ HO head for $1325. (Extra $100 for the HO head.)

As much as I'd like to do this myself, the time/cost/frustration/wty equation - given this is my DD - has me thinking this may be the best way to go. (I can get that 'personal satisfaction of doing it myself'-feeling from the Stroker I want to build for a trail <nobr><nobr>[URL=#]Jeep</nobr>[/URL]</nobr>... at a more-leisurely/less-pressured pace.)

1. Anyone out there know anything about Four Star Engines' remans?

2. What do you all think about the price?

Thanks again!

Re: Reman\'d 258 from FOUR STAR ENGINES outa KS

hat price sounds realy good, I spent quite a bit more rebuilding my own 258 with only a one yr warranty from the machine shop.good luck
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